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California Communists

It’s no secret that the residents of Rockville want to keep our town the small and beautiful town as it has been since our ancestors arrived. Our history thrives with honest farmers and businessmen trying to make a living in the harsh realities of the past. The conservative values lasted for generations are and still prominent in the town.

Until the Californians arrived.

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The $18 Million Dollar Betrayal

The iconic bridge of Rockville. It represents a simpler time. Today, however, it is used as a symbol of power, corruption, and betrayal.

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Zion Lovingier

Zion and his engineer created a plan for smaller homes with smaller lots to be built in a simple way with a rural feel. There would be a pond for Rockville residents, a prominent trail from Main Street to the river with a walking path for the locals. A true win-win for all involved and Zion believed that he was successful because he was working with the city and not against it.

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