California Communists

California Communists

It’s no secret that the residents of Rockville want to keep our town the small and beautiful town as it has been since our ancestors arrived.  Our history thrives with honest farmers and businessmen trying to make a living in the harsh realities of the past. The conservative values lasted for generations are and still prominent in the town.

Until the Californians arrived.  

This is a small town and I know that controversy of any kind is bound to ruffle some feathers.  Once the out-of-state-ers came and bought property in Rockville, they immediately tried to shut down anyone else from coming in.  They artificially limited the water supply so that those that had property couldn’t build on it. They volunteered for local government positions and changed to local ordinances to forbid any commercial operation. They changed building ordinances to make it almost impossible to simply build a home, even with appropriate water and zoning.  They perfected the grant writing process to allow the city to live as a welfare city – relying on state funds to simply survive.  

And we let them. 

Think about it…. Rockville residents have some of the most valuable land in the entire state.  It would be logical to assume that Rockville residents would also enjoy a healthy earning based on a home-based business, nightly rentals, or other ventures that would still keep the town looking as it does today – like a farm town. But that’s not the case.  Do you feel like you or your neighbors are some of the wealthiest in the state?  

Instead, residents are constantly under the heel of their new oppressive local government.  Do you want your kids to visit and to sleep in a tent in the backyard? Nope! Not without permission from the communists. Do you want to rent out your extra room on AirBnb?  Nope – only council members can do that.  

It’s so bad that other local governments would rather enact legislation without Mayor Leach present.  It’s so bad that the Washington County Commissioner called the Rockville leaders ‘California Communists’ to the local press.  It’s getting so bad that your tax rates are going up to fight the several upcoming lawsuits from landowners that are unwilling to take it anymore.

And it’s our fault.

That’s right!  Until the people decide to participate in their local government, then the silent majority will continue to be oppressed by the minority that are willing to run for office. 

This week the light of shame is shined on us, the silent majority.

The Friends of Rockville

Protecting our Town from Corruption.


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