Zion Lovingier

One Mile Public River Walk

In 2017, Zion Lovingier purchased land on Main Street with water and 11 building rights.  He was warned by neighbors that while it would be simple to develop that property in most towns, in Rockville it would take him years and would be quite costly.  He was from out-of-town and unfamiliar with the California Communists running the town and thought he’d take his chances.


Now, 18 months later, it looks like he might have to sue the town.


Do you ever wonder why your property taxes are so high?  Well, in part it is because there are a growing number of lawsuits in the works against the town of Rockville and defending them is starting to get really expensive.  Now, add Zion Lovingier to the list.


In 2017, Zion approached the town about working with the town to get their idea on how to develop their ground in a way that stayed true to the rural feel of Rockville.  Over the next several months Zion took their input and sent the project to an engineer to come up with a few designs to show the town. The planning commission sounded quite excited about the progress and asked if Zion would consider dedicating an easement from the road to the river to grant locals access to the river through their property.  Zion agreed.


Zion and his engineer created a plan for smaller homes with smaller lots to be built in a simple way with a rural feel.  There would be a pond for Rockville residents, a prominent trail from Main Street to the river with a walking path that led all the way to the Rockville bridge for the locals. A true win-win for all involved and Zion believed that he was successful because he was working with the city and not against it.


The About-Face

Then came the famous about-face.  At the last minute, the town council reneged on all of their offers and told Zion that they did not approve his plan and did not intend on working with him.  

Your concept included a river walk and fishing pond for Rockville residents to use….  The initial response from our officials is that the river walk and fishing pond are not desired benefits for the Town.

– Rockville Town Council

Zion is now considering taking the town to court.  The end result will most likely be that he will need to rip out the pond to put a house, remove the walking trail and public access to the river, and build a private subdivision on the property.  Though that makes no sense to either party, this is what will remain after Zion takes the town town to court.


Congratulations residents.  Your tax dollars are at work to deny all of us access to the wonderful pond and river.  @Zion – welcome to Rockville!


This week the light of shame is shined on the Rockville Town Council


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